The Future of Data Integrity

Leaders Embrace Blockchain Pharmaceutical Technology

March 26, 2018


Merck and AmerisourceBergen partner with Cryptowerk and SAP to explore the benefits of blockchain pharmaceutical supply chain applications.

Two leading pharmaceutical companies, Merck and Company, Inc. and AmerisourceBergen, recently implemented a fast-track blockchain project with SAP and Cryptowerk. The goal: to more efficiently detect counterfeits throughout the supply chain and irrefutably document compliance at scale. The project demonstrated the solution’s applicability for tracking and tracing billions of items throughout their supply chains.

Working closely with Merck and AmerisourceBergen, SAP rapidly integrated Cryptowerk’s Enterprise Blockchain Enablement Kit™ with the SAP Advanced Track and Trace solution, including its mobile component. In the following videos, Paul Cocuzzo, Director of Supply Chain at Merck; and Jeff Denton, Sr. Director, Global Secure Supply Chain at AmerisourceBergen, talk about the benefits of the project they were able to achieve in just a few weeks.

Download the case study here.

Paul Cocuzzo, Director of Supply Chain, Merck and Company, Inc.

Jeff Denton, Sr. Director, Global Secure Supply Chain, Amerisource Bergen