Cryptowerk Introduces HORIZON CLOUD

April 01, 2019


New cloud service makes it easy to securely store and share trusted data in complex, high-scale environments

Cryptowerk envisions a future where auditable trust is built into every digital product, process and transaction. To make this vision a reality, Cryptowerk provides cloud-based Data Integrity solutions that enable organizations to seal, verify and selectively exchange data and other digital assets at massive scale using the distributed consensus power of blockchains.

To help organizations meet the demand for better control of shared data, Cryptowerk has introduced Crytpowerk HORIZON CLOUD™, a new, cloud-based, secure storage and selective data exchange solution for organizations that need to store, exchange, verify and share trusted data in complex, trustless environments. With Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD, individual organizations can maintain control of their data behind their own firewalls, while easily exchanging data with other known and unknown parties.

“In today’s data-driven world, every business decision, process and product relies on trusted data. However, with billions of connected devices, digitized processes and multi-party networks generating data, business leaders must ask themselves a fundamental question: how do we know this data can be trusted? We launched Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD to address the growing demand from our customers for a way to securely and easily exchange trusted, auditable data at massive scale, while meeting strict regulatory and compliance requirements such as GDPR and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.” — Dirk Kanngiesser, 

Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD includes Cryptowerk’s patent-pending Cryptowerk HORIZON SEAL™ solution, a web API that makes it easy for organizations to seal proof, or “fingerprints,” of digital assets in blockchains and later use those seals to verify the authenticity of the assets at any time. Cryptowerk HORIZON SEAL’s patent-pending technology accelerates public blockchain transactions up to 1 million times per second, and works with any public or private blockchain, making it a practical, scalable and flexible solution for enterprise-scale data integrity applications.

Why Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD

While many solutions exist to store and share data, these solutions typically are intended to provide selective access to known, trusted parties. However, with billions of connected devices coming online, new data-driven business models and AI driven processes, limiting data sharing to known parties prevents businesses from reaping the financial benefits of digital transformation initiatives. The demand for trusted data in these automated and distributed environments is quickly overwhelming organizations’ ability to verify whether every device, individual or process can be trusted. Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD is the first solution that allows organizations leverage the enormous potential of blockchains to store and selectively share trusted data in high-scale, complex and automated environments, while retaining full control over their data.

Use cases for Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD include:

  • Multi-sided Data Marketplaces
  • Transactive Energy Markets
  • IoT Applications
  • Complex Supply Chain Applications

Leverages Existing Investments

Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD is not a replacement for enterprise data management and storage solutions. Instead, Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD is a cloud based layer that integrates with an organization’s existing data repositories, applications and systems—encrypting, duplicating, and storing relevant information in a shared service. Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD provides interoperability and scalability in heterogeneous environments where there are a variety of different systems that need to contribute to a shared data store in a secure fashion. Utilizing Cryptowerk HORIZON SEAL, all data, along with a full audit trail, is anchored into multiple public blockchains for data integrity and authenticity assurance.

To learn more, download the Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD white paper here.

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About Cryptowerk

Cryptowerk is the leading data integrity company, using blockchain to authenticate digital assets. With Cryptowerk, organizations can detect and deter data tampering, verifying that digital assets can be trusted. With patent-pending technology that unlocks the power of blockchain, Cryptowerk enables enterprise-wide and cross-organizational data verification. A venture-backed company, Cryptowerk has U.S. headquarters in Silicon Valley. Cryptowerk’s veteran management team draws on experience from companies that include Oracle, SAP,, Siemens, P&G, as well as from the international venture capital industry. More information can be found at