Cryptowerk supports Blockchain hackers at The Babylon Project

November 10, 2020

Cryptowerk participated as an infrastructure sponsor at the virtual blockchain hackathon "The Babylon Project".

Over three days, participants from 65 countries have designed and developed real world applications based on blockchain technology. The Babylon Project follows the vision to empower builders by democratizing access to knowledge, capital, and mentorship. The hackathon was focused on education, empowerment, and elevation of the next generation of builders.

“The Babylon Project brought together a global blockchain developer community as well as knowledgable speakers and sponsors from the industry. Hackathons are great opportunities to receive direct and honest user feedback, get our documentation tested and to promote the Cryptowerk brand in the blockchain space.” says Zoé Meckbach, Manager Customer Success at Cryptowerk.

On day one of the hackathon, Kevin McDonald, VP Solutions at Cryptowerk gave an educational workshop about the Cryptowerk Horizon API.
The workshop can be replayed here.

Four teams have built applications leveraging Cryptowerk’s blockchain data-integrity API. The use cases for the applications were focused on social impact, education and healthcare. Team “clitech” for example developed a web application “Crime Report System” which offers a platform that enables people in Nigeria to freely and confidently express themselves about any form of maltreatment from authorities.

Cryptowerk had selected five teams for the winning pool of the top 20. Judging criteria were based on creativity, originality and technical implementation.