Life Sciences Blockchain Solutions


When managing research data for the purposes of clinical trials, it is imperative to be able to prove collected data integrity, provenance and security. Organizations involved in clinical trials are under increasing pressure to digitize their products, processes and business models to remain competitive and to meet increasingly stringent regulatory and industry compliance requirements. At the same time, they must balance the complex logistics of data gathering, data security and more.

To address these challenges, research organizations are increasingly turning to state of the art IoT based sensor technology and distributed ledger technologies (blockchains) that can be used to verify the provenance of research data, and to verify that research data, consent forms, and other information has not been tampered with, providing enhanced security and transparency. These distributed technologies can be vital in proving data provenance, data integrity, and data security.

Cryptowerk is partnering with InnoME and essentim to deliver a combined solution of sensor hardware and embedded cryptography that delivers data from the PoI and blockchains, creating  an unalterable, tamper-evident data set for all important steps throughout the research process. Fill out the form on this page to download the white paper for details.










Download the IoT Sensor Blockchain solution paper.