The Future of Data Integrity

Optimal Solution FDA Pilot Program Webinar Now Available On Demand

May 03, 2019


Click here to view the webinar on demand.

Cryptowerk was pleased to participate with The Optimal Solutions team in hosting a live complimentary webinar earlier this week to discuss its participation in the FDA’s pilot program aimed at making it easier for pharmaceutical companies to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

“The Optimal Solution” is a team of seasoned industry innovators cooperatively leveraging their expertise to demonstrate interoperability at scale in the pharma supply chain ecosystem. The pilot team includes supply chain technology leaders RXTransparentSystechT-SystemsFarmaTrust,  Cryptowerk, and CalQLogic.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn about the future of US drug supply chain management, including:

  • The challenges that need to be overcome
  • How technology like digital e-Fingerprinting®, IOT Cold Chain data and Blockchain can be leveraged
  • The benefits of a collaborative approach to ongoing supply chain issues

The collective approach is designed to meet and excel regulatory requirements with a solution that includes:

  • Utilizing a digital e-Fingerprint® layer of security to create an immutable track and trace ledger that improves visibility and enhances counterfeiting detection at the product level
  • Capturing the Internet of Things (IOT) and Cold Chain information to leverage data for additional consumer insight and analytics
  • Deploying blockchain as the infrastructure to enable interoperability providing a reliable foundation for trust in data that has been elusive with other technologies

The pilot duration is proposed as six months with the final FDA presentation anticipated for Fall 2019.

Read the full press release here.