Who is Cryptowerk?

Cryptowerk envisions a future where proof of integrity is embedded into all business data. To make that vision a reality, Cryptowerk has developed the first GDPR and CCPA compliant data integrity cloud service that makes it possible to verify the integrity and authenticity of any digital asset at massive scale using blockchain technologies. The Cryptowerk Horizon cloud service is used by enterprise organizations, OEMs and service providers to automate and accelerate data compliance processes in high-scale business applications, including secure document verification, industrial IoT, supply chain tracking, transactive energy and data compliance. With Cryptowerk, organizations no longer have to limit digital innovation because of data compliance. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Cryptowerk was founded by experts in cryptography and seasoned enterprise software professionals.

What Problem Does Cryptowerk Address?

More and more organizations are struggling to meet data compliance standards and regulations. For example:

  • $64 billion will be spent on governance, risk and compliance by 2025. — Grandview Research
  • 74% of firms surveyed will increase focus on managing regulatory risk over the next 12 months. — Thomson Reuters
  • 69% of organizations surveyed see compliance mandates driving spending. — PwC

Cryptowerk addresses these and other data compliance challenges by providing a data integrity system that embeds integrity and authenticity into data and digital assets. By automating and accelerating data compliance, Cryptowerk’s cloud-based service enables the verification of the integrity and authenticity of any data at massive scale, improving data compliance while significantly reducing compliance costs.