Data Integrity Solution for the Aerospace Industry White Paper.

Data integrity is a critical component in any aerospace company’s data security strategy. As more aerospace products, processes and transactions rely on data, the ability to digitally seal and verify the integrity of millions of digital assets can make or break an aerospace company’s business.


Download Cryptowerk’s white paper on Data Integrity Solutions for the Aerospace Industry to learn how our solutions can help aerospace industry leaders use the power of blockchains to ensure the integrity of any digital product, process and transaction.

Aerospace Data Integrity Use Cases

In this white paper, you will learn the top use cases for blockchain-enabled data integrity solutions in the aerospace industry, including:

Aerospace Supply Chain Parts Tracking

A typical airliner consists of 2 to 3 million parts. Learn how aerospace manufacturers can create twinned digital tokens for parts, and trace transactions between all parties in the supply chain.

Aerospace Parts Lifecycle and Maintenance Tracking

Track the entire lifecycle of parts – even when parts have been swapped be­tween airplanes or airlines — allowing the original provenance, transfers, and entire maintenance cycle of a single component to be tracked.

Reduce Risk in Aerospace Event Investigations

In the event of a part failure, provide an iron-clad record of all maintenance performed on an airplane and the provenance of every part, so you can verify  whether a parts manufacturer, maintenance procedure, or a bad actor was at fault.

Aerospace Personnel Verification

Instantly verify the identity, experience, and training of flight and maintenance personnel – even when those personnel change companies. By recording on a candidate’s profile that an assertion has been verified, there is no need for it to be checked again in the future.