The Future of Data Integrity

Cryptowerk Wins Spot as CODE_n Contest Finalist

July 26, 2018


After four years at CeBIT, the CODE_n CONTEST has been taken to the next level at the global innovation festival – the new.New Festival. In this year the 6th global CODE_n startup competition is looking for the most exciting founders and companies who are endeavoring to lead the charge of digital transformation through pioneering technologies in the categories of Machine Intelligence, Beyond Reality, and Cryptographic Trust.

Over 300 international startups showed an interest in the application phase of the CODE_n CONTEST 2018. Cryptowerk is honored to be chosen as one of the top 50 finalists. The CODE_N team recently sat down with Bernhard Hecker, our VP Business Development, Europe, to learn more about Cryptowerk’s blockchain-powered industry solutions.

Living in a world of alternative facts, fake news and cyber threats as regular occurrences, businesses are challenged more than ever to be able to ensure transactions are completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved. US-based startup Cryptowerk wants to change the world by envisioning a future where trust is built into every product, process and transaction. Their goal is to make it easy for industry leaders to develop blockchain-enabled solutions that verify the integrity and authenticity of digital transactions and assets at massive scale. We caught up with Bernhard Hecker, Cryptowerk’s VP of Business Development, to learn more about the practical business applications of blockchain and how the company is driving a digital revolution.

Iulia: What is Cryptowerk all about?

Bernhard:  Cryptowerk helps you create a tamper-proof chain of custody of all your digital information, be it documents, data, or “digital moments”, building trust into every product, process, and transaction by anchoring hashes of your data in blockchains. We add verifiable notations to your data – we “notarize” it – digitally sealing documents and data at the time of entry. You can then give access permission to the right parties and verify that sealed data hasn’t been tampered with and matches the underlying physical or digital assets. Cryptowerk integrates easily into your existing environment, connecting to cloud services like Amazon, Microsoft Azure or Google, along with legacy enterprise applications, databases, and document repositories. It also supports new applications for digitally “notarizing” documents, images, and software.

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