The Future of Data Integrity

Cryptowerk Talks Blockchain for Utilities at Eworld

February 22, 2018


Cryptowerk’s VP of Business Development in Europe, Bernhard Hecker presented recently at the Eworld Energy & Water conference, Europe’s leading trade fair in the energy industry located in Essen, Germany. The conference welcomed 25,000 visitors from 73 nations to discuss solutions for the future of energy. Visitors from energy suppliers, service providers, industrial companies and municipal utility companies came to the event to learn how the trend toward smart cities is causing both companies and consumers to rethink how energy is traded, consumed and delivered

In his presentation, Hecker talked about the implications of blockchain for utilities, and provided answers to the following question:

  • What is blockchain? Uses go far beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain is a key technology for automating digital trust at scale.
  • How are blockchains being used in the enterprise? Blockchain is being used today to make digital assets and information tamper-proof.
  • What are the uses for blockchain in the utility industry? A new “Internet of Energy” is emerging that includes distributed energy resources, new relationships between utilities and “prosumers” (consumers who are also energy producers), an emphasis on the certification of energy sources and a heightened need for trust.
  • What does Cryptowerk do? We accelerate time to production of blockchain-powered applications by making it easy and cost-effective to connect your enterprise applications to any blockchain.

To learn more about blockchain-powered applications for utilities, download our white paper here.