The Future of Data Integrity

Cryptowerk Invited to Speak at Farnborough International Air Show

July 16, 2018


Cryptowerk one of only six companies invited to present in the SAP ThinkX Innovation Lounge alongside Apple, Intel and others.

We are honored to be one of only six companies invited to participate alongside SAP in the SAP ThinkX Innovation Lounge at the Farnborough International Air Show this week in Farnborough, just outside of London. Cryptowerk was invited to demonstrate our blockchain-powered Digital Integrity solutions for the aerospace industry alongside innovators like Apple, Capgemini, Intel, HCL and Otosense.


The Farnborough AirShow is the biggest event of this size hosted in the UK, and this year hosts its most international attendance ever with 73,000 industry professionals from nearly 100 counties attending. The SAP ThinkX Innovation Lounge is located at the Sky Lounge at the Aviator Hotel, where you can:

  • Discover – the real tangible business value integrating emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and many more can generate for your business
  • Join – the short and crisp 20-minute speaker sessions where experts share their insights and customer success stories
  • Relax and Network – get away from the bustle of the airshow and enjoy spectacular views of the flying displays from our lounge
  • Meet – the SAP experts on stand 5202 in the new Aerospace 4.0 hall at the airshow

Cryptowerk will present a session titled “Detect and Defeat Fraud Before It’s Too Late,” highlighting the ways that aerospace companies can use blockchain technology to combat fraud by creating a tamper-proof chain of custody of digital moments, up to 1 million times per second.

TOPIC: Detect and Defeat Fraud Before it is Too Late

WHEN: Tuesday, July 17

WHERE: Sky Lounge at the Aviator Hotel


The Farnborough International Airshow saw $46.4bn in deals announced on its opening day, surpassing the figure achieved on the first day of the 2016 Airshow which stood at $23bn. Prime Minister Theresa May officially opened the Airshow. Speaking a the Opening Ceremony, Mrs. May stated: “This is an incredibly exciting time for aerospace. Not only is there huge growth potential, but many of the developments taking place have the potential to transform the way we fly.”

With complex products, deep supply chains, and a decades-long after-market, aerospace and defense organizations must combat fraud in a wide range of scenarios, from multi-level supply chain visibility to supply authentication, to certification of people and components, and beyond. Aerospace companies need to ensure that their products are safe and reliable while reducing costs.

Cryptowerk helps companies create a tamper-proof chain of custody of digital moments. We notarize data, digitally sealing documents and data at the time of creation. Companies then can give access to validated parties to verify that the sealed data hasn’t been tampered with and matches the underlying physical or digital assets. Generally, our technology supports any kind of data integrity use case. Our blockchain-enabled Data Integrity solution for aerospace is the ideal platform for aerospace organizations to easily enable blockchain implementations in their own  environment.

To learn more about Cryptowerk’s Aerospace industry solution, DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER HERE.

Use cases for Cryptowerk’s blockchain-powered Data Integrity solutions in aerospace systems data integrity and fraud prevention efforts include:

  • Knowing when counterfeit or inferior parts enter the supply chain and preventing those components from ever making it into an airplane by enhancing track-and-trace solutions with the ability to create twinned digital tokens for parts and tracing transactions between all parties in the chain.
  • Adding an extra layer of security and accountability for better participation in the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) and for following SAE AS5553 recommendations on Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition.
  • Tamper-proofing SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) deployments, securing inputs of key data used for supply planning and inventory optimization.
  • Reducing insurance claims risk and improving regulatory compliance by providing an irrefutable, iron-clad record of all maintenance performed on an airplane and the provenance of all parts on that plane.
  • Instantly verifying the identity, experience, and training of flight and maintenance personnel—even when those personnel change companies.
  • Tracking the entire lifecycle of parts—even when parts have been swapped between airplanes or airlines—allowing the original provenance, transfers, and entire maintenance cycle of a single component to be reviewed in its entirety.
  • Creating a tamper-evident digital ledger of flight events, manifests, personnel, systems data, and potential and scheduled maintenance for use in post-incident investigations.

If you are at the Farnborough AirShow, be sure to stop by the SAP ThinkX Innovation Lounge to chat with us and learn more about how aerospace companies are using blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of all their digital moments.