Seal, store and share trusted data at enterprise scale


Today’s business ecosystems are increasingly complex and distributed across multiple organizations, devices, platforms and geographies. While the demand for shared data is escalating, the multiple challenges and risks posed by sharing data in these complex ecosystems prevents many businesses from participating. In a world where everything is digital, how do you know you can trust your data?



Cryptowerk HORIZON is the first cloud solution built from the ground up to address the demand for the selective exchange of trusted data in complex ecosystems. Features of Cryptowerk HORIZON include:

  • Selectively Control Access: All data is encrypted and can be selectively
    exchanged and decrypted on a need-toknow basis. Access to data can be revoked at any time.
  • Easily Interoperate: Share data securely across devices, platforms and processes.
  • Share with Confidence: built for complex, multi-party environments that need to
    share and exchange trusted data.
  • Seal and Verify: Data is sealed at time of entry and anchored into public blockchains, and can be later verified for authenticity.
  • Ensure Compliance: Each record contains the data itself, its authorship/origin and audit trail, making it easy to store and track data for compliance purposes
  • Stay Flexible: Cryptowerk HORIZON works with any public or private blockchain, and can accommodate new distributed ledger technologies as they emerge.


Cryptowerk HORIZON™ provides an enterprise-grade cloud solution for organizations that need to store, share and exchange trusted data in complex, distributed ecosystems, often with multiple known or unknown parties that lack an established trust relationship. Examples include:

Multi-sided Data Marketplaces:

Power multi-sided marketplaces for information sale and exchange, where a customer could search for and pay money in exchange for access to data that was uploaded by another customer

IoT Applications:

Create an IoT data repository and data exchange service where the creator doesn’t have automatic access, limiting liability. Sensor and other data can be sealed at
the source.

Secure Document Storage and Exchange Applications:

Seal, store and exchange digital assets such as medical records, clinical trials, M&A data rooms, legal records, classified documents, assets for legal discovery cases, and more.

Supply Chain Tracking and Information Exchange Applications:

to track digital assets across multiple parties and throughout complex processes.

GDPR Compliance:

Create applications where others contribute your data to you and now you own your data (diplomas, transactions, etc), and provide proof of data insertion and deletion.