Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD: blockchain-based data integrity solution for complex, trustless environments

The demand for trusted data in automated and distributed environments is quickly overwhelming organizations’ ability to verify whether every device, system or process can be trusted. Download the Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD white paper to learn how organizations can now leverage the enormous potential of blockchains to store and selectively share trusted data in high-scale, complex and automated environments, while retaining full control over their data.


To help organizations meet the demand for better control of shared data, Cryptowerk has introduced Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD, a new, cloud-based secure storage and selective data exchange solution for situations where multiple potentially untrusted parties need to exchange, verify and share trusted data. With Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD, individual organizations can maintain control of their data behind their own firewalls, while easily exchanging data with other known and unknown parties.

Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD includes Cryptowerk’s patent-pending Cryptowerk HORIZON SEAL™ solution, a web API that makes it easy for organizations to seal proof, or “fingerprints,” of digital assets in blockchains and later use those seals to verify the authenticity of the assets at any time. Cryptowerk HORIZON SEAL accelerates public blockchain transactions up to 1 million times per second, and works with any public or private blockchain, making it a practical, scalable and flexible solution for enterprise-scale data integrity applications.

Features and Benefits of Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD

Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD offers a unique set of key features that extend the capabilities of existing enterprise data storage and data management solutions, including:

  • Full control of shared data: All data is encrypted and can be selectively exchanged and decrypted on a need-to-know basis.
  • Blockchain-based data verification: each record contains the data itself, its authorship/origin, and audit trail, and is sealed using public blockchain signatures for validation that data has not been altered.
  • Cyber-resilience: Even if hackers steal your data, they can’t see your data. Encrypted data and metadata are verified through blockchain for proof of data integrity.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability: Accommodates today’s enterprise and distributed Big Data use cases.
  • Auditability: Keeps a detailed, immutable audit trail of all activities (write, request, read).
  • Interoperability: Leverages existing investments and provides interoperability in heterogeneous environments.
  • Future-Proof: Cryptowerk HORIZON CLOUD is not “hardwired” to a specific blockchain and can accommodate new distributed ledger technologies as they emerge.
  • Confidential Verification: All data and events are sealed and customer-specific metadata can be searched on a need-to-know visibility basis.