The Future of Data Integrity


January 09, 2018

We are excited to announce that Cryptowerk’s Enterprise Blockchain Enablement Kit has completed SAP’s rigorous certification process and has received SAP Certified status. The SAP certified solution is now available on the SAP App Center, the fully digital enterprise marketplace where SAP customers can discover, try, buy, manage, and deploy trusted partner applications that extend their existing SAP technology and solutions.


New business models based on digital trust are crucial to future growth. Because these efforts

require the secure handling of massive amounts of data, digital trust is a top priority for CEOs

and business leaders in nearly every industry. Blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies are a rapidly growing component in these digital transformation efforts—especially in highly regulated industries—due to their unique ability to optimize, unify and secure business processes involving multiple parties, many transaction interactions and significant disintermediation. Blockchains can create a tamper-proof transaction record, secured against fraud and theft, allowing multiple stakeholders to securely contribute and share access to data.

However, enhancing applications with blockchains comes with economic and technical challenges—particularly the lack of interoperability. There are competing and emerging distributed ledger technologies with varying levels of adoption in various industries that are mostly incompatible. The myriad of enterprise applications and legacy systems add to integration complexity. In addition, if an enterprise is using public blockchains, such as Bitcoin Blockchain or Ethereum, transactions are often costly and throughput is limited. At this stage of evolution, implementing distributed ledger technologies poses a high risk for companies based on uncertain regulation, missing standards and technical limitations.

Cryptowerk’s SAP-Certified Enterprise Blockchain Enablement Kit offers interoperability between existing and emerging blockchains and heterogeneous enterprise systems—and enhances the performance of public blockchains. Furthermore, this solution reduces risk, speeds time to production, and lower the costs of powering your existing enterprise applications with blockchain.

Using the Blockchain Enablement Kit, SAP customers can now:

  • Power data interoperability between the disparate network of applications and application languages used by various participating organizations.
  • Connect applications with any public, private or hybrid blockchain, or multiple blockchains. Blockchains can even be switched out with no loss of data or system downtime.
  • Create a tamper-proof record of data with no need to change end-user application interfaces.
  • Enable faster, cheaper processing via Cryptowerk’s specialized compression algorithms, providing true Big Data enterprise scalability.
  • Improve security, since no original data, only hashes, are submitted.
  • Securely attach metadata to any hashed record.
  • Most importantly, the Cryptowerk Blockchain Enablement Kit is proven in the field and available now on the SAP App Center.