The Future of Data Integrity

Cryptowerk Announces Cryptowerk Seal Blockchain as a Service

November 13, 2018


Cryptowerk Seal verifies that assets have not been altered to ensure data can be trusted 

We at Cryptowerk are excited to announce the launch of Cryptowerk Seal, a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solution that creates an immutable seal for any form of digital assets. The cloud service writes digital seals or “fingerprints” of the data to one or more blockchains at speeds of up to one million times per second, creating a tamper-proof chain of custody that can be used in large-scale enterprise applications. With the digital seal, every product, process and transaction can now be matched to its original to verify proof of integrity. 

Starting today, Cryptowerk Seal will be available as a free trial, as well as via subscription licensing for production deployment.


Blockchains have been criticized for being slow, expensive and complex. Cryptowerk’s high-scale sealing technology solves those issues, enabling Cryptowerk Seal to write up to one million transactions per second to any blockchain at a fraction of a penny per transaction, even to Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, Cryptowerk as a default writes to both of those blockchains in parallel for maximum reliability and redundancy.   

Cryptowerk Seal integrates easily into existing environments, connecting quickly to cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, along with internal enterprise applications, databases and document repositories.  It also supports the development of new applications for digitally sealing documents, data streams, images and software. 

Cryptowerk Seal creates a digital seal of each asset based on customer-generated SHA hashes, which is then stored on any public, private or hybrid blockchain. The original data stays private and is never accessed by Cryptowerk. Cryptowerk Seal aggregates hashes and bundles them so that only a single small transaction is written to the blockchain. A digital seal for each hash is returned to the customer which provides immutable proof that the hash is anchored in the blockchain. With that seal and hash customers can directly verify the integrity of their data at any time in the future without Cryptowerk’s involvement. Using Cryptowerk Seal, internal software teams and software providers can easily develop client-driven data integrity applications with no blockchain expertise required.  

Cryptowerk’s Blockchain as a Service Technology Seals Your Data in Blockchains

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