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Cryptowerk and SAP Present Pharma Case Study at Blockchain Expo

January 09, 2018

SAP Pharma Blockchain

Cryptowerk and SAP co-presented the results of our recent fast-track POC at the recent Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara. The event, co-located with the AI Expo and IoT Expo, attracted over 10,000 total attendees. The Cryptowerk/SAP Pharma session, “Verifying Trust in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains,” was standing room only and generated many questions about the practical application of pharma blockchains in enterprise applications.

Peter Ebert, SVP Sales at Crytpowerk, co-presented a session
with Andreas Fichter, 
Business Development & Customer Engagement Manager, SAP

The session focused on the results of our successful fast-track proof of concept with SAP Pharma customers Merck and Amerisource Bergen. In a blog post leading up to the event, Ross Doherty, Manager at SAP Innovative Business Solutions, Ireland explained the vision driving the POC initiative:

“The vision was to introduce blockchain to the pharmaceutical network, in a completely non-intrusive way to the customer, and to allow the original commissioned serial numbers (sent from the Brand Owner), to be hashed and anonymized, and transmitted to the SAP Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), as well as to the Ethereum blockchain in parallel. Transmission through the pharmaceutical network to the blockchains is carried out blisteringly fast, via Cryptowerk, along with the added non-repudiation mechanisms provided by the Network.”

We were pleased to present alongside our partner, SAP, and to find so many of the attendees interested in the potential for blockchain to solve digital transformation challenges like this one. To read the results of the case study, download it here.