The Future of Data Integrity

Connecting Software’s CB Digital Seal powered by Cryptowerk

May 06, 2020

This week we are proud to introduce you to Connecting Software, a partner that utilizes Cryptowerk Horizon to provide a tamper-proof solution for your work environment. Connecting Software, a provider of integration and synchronization software has integrated Cryptowerk Horizon into the Microsoft SharePoint environment. The solution allows you to digitally seal any kind of document or file that is stored in SharePoint.

Why is this important?

Have you ever been in a situation where you asked yourself “can I trust this information”?

Have you also asked yourself why so? Maybe you don’t know the person who provided the information, or you know that there are individuals who seek to manipulate data for their own benefit.

By building blockchain-hardened data integrity checks into every step of your pipeline, particularly when ingesting third-party data, you can develop trust in every process.

This is where the joint solution “CB Digital Seal for SharePoint” from Connecting Software and Cryptowerk comes into the game. CB Digital Seal is used to establish a trust layer by verifying accuracy at every point of the digital information lifecycle.

Is it difficult to use?

Not at all. CB Digital Seal is a SharePoint out-of-the-box solution that can verify digital information before you trust it.

CB Digital Seal for SharePoint, developed by Connecting Software with Cryptowerk’s blockchain trust layer integrated, can seal all documents automatically. If you prefer, you can also choose individual documents to seal. The sealed documents have their data integrity guaranteed. Since this solution is integrated into SharePoint, it easily lets you seal and verify your data with a simple click.

How does the underlying technology work?

The CB Digital Seal application is intended to allow on-demand and automatic sealing as well as on-demand verifications of documents (or files in general) stored in a document system.

The process is quite simple – when sealing or verification is started, the file is read by the CB Digital Seal for SharePoint application, a hash is computed from the content, and the hash is sent to CB Digital Port of Trust a service from Connecting Software that is integrated with the Cryptowerk Horizon API. The Cryptowerk Horizon API then receives the hash from CB Digital Port of Trust, bundles several document hashes together, and writes the bundle in one transaction into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.

In return, a Cryptowerk Seal is delivered to the CB Digital Port of Trust. The Seal is a digital artifact that proves at any later time if data was registered and if it still includes the original content.

CB Digital Seal, developed by Connecting Software and powered by Cryptowerk technology, is an easy-to-use product that makes your working process more efficient and trustworthy.

Thanks to its intelligent design, CB Digital Seal can be offered at a very competitive price. The product can be tested in a trial version. If you are interested in learning more about the product or would like to see a demo, please contact us.

Connecting Software, founded in 2007 in Vienna, Austria, is a producer of synchronization and integration software.

Cryptowerk, based in Silicon Valley, is a data integrity company, using blockchain to authenticate digital assets.

Next week we will showcase a step-by-step walkthrough of Connecting Softwares, Horizon powered, CB Digital Seal for SharePoint. So stay tuned:


Read the entire paper “Product Introduction and Demo on CB Digital Seal for SharePoint” here.