Challenge Disinformation – Proving Integrity

Mathematical Proof of Integrity Last week we explored the necessity of data integrity in the social media environment to [...]

Challenge Disinformation – Social Media

Disinformation in Social Media Last week we followed the trail to the origin to find a way to combat [...]

Challenge Disinformation – Data Origin

The Trail to the Origin Last week we started to lay out and examine the challenge of disinformation spreading [...]

Challenge Disinformation – Verification

Verify against Disinformation With increasing digitization, workspaces moving online, and entire markets shifting to the cloud, the issue of [...]

Continuous Auditability for Friendly Fraud

Continuous Auditability against Friendly Fraud Last week we examined the necessity of constant sealing and verifying of data for [...]

Continuous Data Audit for the Financial Industry

Introduction In times of digitization and home office, it is no wonder that data traffic has exploded. From grocery [...]

Compliant Data Lakes IV

The Digital World needs Proof Pools Last week the focus was on exploring the notion of separate repositories of [...]

Compliant Data Lakes III

Data Lakes and Proof Pools Last week we examined data lakes and how they appropriately address the challenges of [...]

Compliant Data Lakes II

New Repositories for a New Era Last week we reviewed previous changes and expected changes of the digital web [...]

Compliant Data Lakes

Introduction Now more than ever data drives governmental and private organizations and businesses. For one, market data may give [...]

CB Digital Seal – A Demo with ‘Greg’

The following is a demonstration of how the CB Digital Seal will function in practice. Learn with Gregs journey.

Connecting Software’s CB Digital Seal powered by Cryptowerk

CB Digital Seal, developed by Connecting Software and powered by Cryptowerk technology, is an easy-to-use product that makes your working [...]

Tamper-proof Track & Trace | Unleash the Blockchain

With Acsis and Cryptowerk you get the speed of trust for your supply-chain. Reduce counterfeiting. Secure customer experience!

Horizon – Unlock the Power of the Blockchain

How can you overcome the challenges and unlock the power of the blockchain! Security, privacy and scalability with Cryptowerk [...]

Scalability, Security or Ownership: A Trilemma

How can you start understanding blockchain in your supply chain and how could it fit in, to not only [...]

Modern Supply Chains Need Modern Solutions

Why do we need robust and tamper-proof supply chains, that provide verified information at speed and at scale? What [...]

The Blockchain-Empowered Supply Chain

How can robust and tamper-proof supply chains be built, that provide verified information at speed and at scale? What [...]

TDE​ – Technology for Truth

Blockchains are the most prevalent type of DLT they have the properties needed to serve as the consensus mechanism. [...]

TDE​ – Consensus for Truth

Sufficient truth for digital communication must fulfill strict requirements. With high security and mathematical consensus this can be achieved!

TDE​ – Truth for Trust

Truth derived trust is important due to the essential part it plays for the creation of a trusted exchange

TDE​ 2 – Solution

To embed data integrity, look at the point of inception. By sealing data at its origin and every new [...]

TDE​ 2 – Requirements for Success

Organizations that have reason to believe in the integrity of their assets making them a more desirable business partner. [...]

TDE​ 2 – Asset Data Sealing

A trusted data exchange means that exchanging parties have a mechanism to create trust in the integrity of the [...]

TDE – Economic Applications

Many industries have been revolutionized and more than a few have been cannibalized.

TDE – Data Integrity means Value Creation

Trust is a basis that needs to be established to an extent that the perceived value that could be [...]

Trusted Data Exchange​

A trusted data exchange means that exchanging parties have a mechanism to create trust in the integrity of the [...]