The Future of Data Integrity

A Quantum Leap for Data Integrity

November 30, 2018

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database

Yesterday, Amazon announced the beta of their new Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). This is an exciting announcement because it puts a spotlight on the important issue of data integrity. Many authorities believe that ensuring data integrity is the next global cybersecurity imperative. In fact, by 2020, 50% of organizations will have suffered damage caused by fraudulent data and software. Cybersecurity is no longer solely about preventing unauthorized access to data or systems, companies today must safeguard the chain of custody or audit trail for every digital asset.

There will be some use cases for which the Amazon QLDB data log integrity solution will be sufficient. However, we see an overwhelming number of use cases for which QLDB isn’t a fit in validating the  integrity of supply chain audit trails, legal documents, and other data,which a solution like Cryptowerk Seal is specifically designed to do.

For example, there will be many data types residing in many disparate systems that will not be appropriate or available to store in Amazon’s QLDB. For all of these digital assets, Cryptowerk Seal is an easy, fast-to-implement solution. Through our APIs, Cryptowerk can digitally notarize any digital data, without needing to migrate that data to another platform or adapt it to fit a particular data structure. This means that we can seal legal documents, tax records, supply chain data, or any other data that is crucial to your business.

And unlike other solutions, Cryptowerk’s digital notarization does not rely upon a central authority. As we discussed in a previous blog post, in general, the more decentralized a solution, the more inherently secure, fault-tolerant, and redundant it is. This is one of the reasons that we not only use public blockchains, but also multiple public blockchains, to store the digital fingerprints of your important data.

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